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Looking to buy a magnetic glass whiteboard?

Your office space Is an extension of your company’s personality. The aesthetics of an office space helps clients get a glimpse into the work culture and outlook of a company, having a well-kept office space gives clients a confidence of style and manner, also giving the staff a feeling of care, hospitality and inclusiveness.

Glass whiteboards are a simple way to transform any office space into a modern, stylish and contemporary one. The minimalist, sleek and clean look of a frameless glass whiteboard can transform the look of any office space. A glass white board can transform any office wall into a space of innovation and creativity.

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Why choose glass writing boards over the standard?

Nothing is written in stone – The functionality and practicality of a glass whiteboard goes beyond improving the aesthetics of a space. Unlike normal white board, frameless glass whiteboards offer the peace of mind that any mess can be cleaned up. Glass surfaces can easily be kept stain free, any standard whiteboard marker can be used on the surface without the hassle of staining or ghosting. Standard whiteboard dusters can be used for cleaning with a further range of cleaners available for more stringent marks. Furthermore, the ease of cleaning of glass make it a prefect surface to stick or post notes, reminders, messages or announcement without the worry of permanent or everlasting marks, every time you clean our glass whiteboard it returns to its original clear sheen, a sustainable investment for years to come.

Not a DIYer? No worries, they are super easy to install!

That’s right, they are easy to install and assemble – Glass white boards come with easy to assemble wall mounts. To make the installation of glass white boards as simple as possible

Idea – To create a platform for innovative ideas that look to the future without having any reminiscent of the past on it. Classrooms, staff rooms and conference rooms are often a representation of the brain to the body of an organisation. For the brain to function to the fullest it requires form and clarity, similarly to achieve the fullest out of an organisation looking to excel and reach its utmost potential of avant-garde innovation, it needs a clear and focused space where team work, creation and ideas building can take form in a care-free environment.

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